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WTA Photos Runs with PCF for Annual 5K

November 6, 2017

Jack & David Hartzman and the team from WTA Photo proudly supported the great people of the Prevent Cancer Foundation yesterday at their Annual 5k Walk/Run and Health Fair at Nats Park.

An early morning race means our team in on site at 6:00am, and even after we set the clocks back the night before, that’s early! Jack, David and Ricardo handled the overall candids of the event on the mostly rainy day while Mandi, Deanna, Wonder and Seamus took care of the photo-op by the field and the OCTO Photo Booth inside the health fair. It was a wet and chilly day, but even lousy weather couldn’t keep nearly 1000 people from participating. Further proving that we can all be even bigger than Cancer.

We’ll be back again next year to keep supporting the GREAT Work The Foundation does… hope you will be too.