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Athel Rogers

Athel Rogers is a fresh new face with a cutting-edge style all of his own. Hailing from the greater Boston area, Athel has honed his photography skills with more than a decade of event experience in weddings, corporate and cosplay photography.  His work speaks for itself as you can see in his portfolio.

All of us at WTA happily welcome Athel and his state-of-the-art Canon photography equipment too.


I began taking photography seriously in 2010 at the age of 16. Born into a family of artists, singers, and other creatives, my future in the creative field was all but guaranteed. My grandfather Desie Roberts opened his photographic business, Roberts Studio, in 1973. I would always visit, fascinated by photography and cameras. With over 46 years of experience photographing people including Hilary Clinton, Andrew Young, Barack Obama and more, my grandfather was the perfect conduit to me choosing to do photography as a full-time career in adulthood.


I enjoy creating the dramatic portraiture that tells a story, from the extravagant and complex editorial to the simple and clean portrait shot. My brand revolves around being a visual storyteller; not just shooting a photo of a pretty model but actually having elements in the frame that contribute to the overall narrative. These things can be props, the environment, or even just the way the photo was lit. I love experimenting and trying new and unique lighting techniques and posing in my work, evident in the some of the portraits in my portfolio. With the ability to adapt to any given situation in the field, I have made it my mission to paint a narrative with every image I create.

I’ve worked on both a B2B and B2C basis and no client is too large or too small for me to work with! I love to create; as it feels like it was something I was born to do. I want my clients to come to me not because they just want a “photo” but because they want something that’s unique to them; they want something that tells their story.

We love the wedding photos that you took! You did an amazing job and it was a pleasure to work with you at our wedding!

Darcy & Mark