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Ron was absolutely terrific.

Hi Chuck,

Ron was absolutely terrific. Everyone raved about him. Truly. He was the perfect mix of involved but not too much, and he got everyone out on the floor and he made it fun and celebratory in a totally delightful and appropriate way. Everyone – and I mean everyone – was talking about how great he was. I’ve already recommended him to two friends.  And, if I’m not mistaken, I believe that Toby has already booked him for his bar mitzvah in three years! ☺

So, thank you. We were really pleased and had a great experience with you and Washington Talent. And we all though Bo was terrific, too. Actually, they all were, including the DJ (whose name I have now forgotten) and the other young man who was there who I don’t think I actually properly met.  He was very sweet. They were all perfect in terms of being present and involved, and sharing in our joy, and also keeping the party lively, but also respecting our wishes to keep it kind of chill by skipping some of the conventions that are typical for bar/bat mitzvahs. So, it felt just right for our style.

Thank you again!