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“A Portrait Is A Painting, Photograph, Sculpture, Or Other Artistic Representation Of A Person, In Which The Face And Its Expression Is Predominant. “

As times change, so do words and terms. What we called a Portrait just a few years ago is often referred to as a LinkedIn headshot or Profile Photo today. Whatever your description, WTA Photo has the right photographer for the moment. Spontaneous and free-flowing in the wind or in formal attire in the studio, tell us your dream or idea and we will create a timeless image for your business or personal needs. Formal portraits, fashion, glamour, modeling portfolios, and test shots. We have a spacious studio for large groups and pets and a private one for boudoir and personal portraits. We love dogs and cats

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WTA Portrait Promise

Choose Us Because

Owned By A Portrait Master Photographer
Decades Of Experience
Printing And Retouching On-Site
Spacious Studio For Groups, Private Studio For Individuals
Staff Of Male And Female Photographers