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Photography & Video, the Perfect Team

Of all the amazing people I get to work with at Washington Talent, I don’t often publicly give enough praise to my partners in the Video Department.

The two top shooters are David Harris and Jeff Schofield, we’ve been shooting side by side for more than 25 years, long before I was even a part of the WTA Family. I have personally traveled across the country and around the world with these two guys and though we might pick on each other from time to time – even battle over whether the bride should come to the groom or the groom come to the bride, when it comes to an event, there is no other video pros I’d rather have next to me. We create some pretty cool stuff on our own, but together, I think we make magic.

Of course like my studio manager, Alison, who I cannot simply not do without, Dawn Griffin, the WVP (Washington Video Production) Chief Editor, is simply a master of her own domain. How this talented professional continues to turn out top-notch masterpieces week after week, year after year, is nothing shy of amazing.

The above video is just a small sample of the great work Washington Video does day in and day out, all under the same Washington Talent umbrella as WTA Photo.

Teamwork does make a difference.

Kudos to WVP for their continued excellence in the world of Professional Videography. 

It’s just how I see it.

Jack Hartzman