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PBX 2018

Building and Scaling YOUR Photo Booth Business

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Questions”][/ultimate_heading]
  1. What’s Important?
  2. How much should I charge?
  3. What should I pay my staff?
  4. How much time does it take to prep for an event?
  5. What should my staff be wearing?
  6. How many props should I bring?
  7. Back-up gear?
  8. Set-up time at event?
  9. Delivery of product at event?
  10. Delivery of product after event?
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Answers”][/ultimate_heading]
  1. Making money
  2. Whatever it takes to make money
  3. Enough to ensure a good profit margin and deliver a great product
  4. One to Two hours or whatever is needed
  5. Show black or Client theme specific
  6. Enough to be noticed, functional & entertaining
  7. Good Question!
  8. Allow 90-120 minutes from arrival time prior to doors
  9. The best possible
  10. All images in a format that sets you apart