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New and Unique


Green Screen Photography has become the novelty entertainment choice for events from coast to coast. The technology transports you and your guests to another place or time with your image captured next to your favorite Pop Star or against the backdrop of your favorite movie/television show. But now, you can enhance this experience by upgrading to GREEN SCREEN INTERACTIVE! Now you can fly through the air or even capture yourself riding elephants and giraffes through a safari. Its the Green Screen technology you love, with tons more interaction!


What says “Party Time” more than confetti? Not much! Book a Confetti Cannon for your next celebration and add some instant WOW! Enhance your event’s atmosphere with confetti that can be customized to your liking. Choose one, two or three “Confetti Experiences” for your event, lasting about 2-3 min each time. Contact us for more details


Upgrade the DJ experience with our VIRTUAL DJ BOOTH. If you know your event needs DJ entertainment but needs something to WOW everyone, this is it. Your guests will not stop asking where you found your entertainment because we’re sure they’ve never seen anything like our VIRTUAL DJ BOOTH!


The LED SWIRL PHOTO BOOTH has a clean, attractive and sleek look with a fun inflatable structure featuring with built-in LED Lighting. Guests are engaged and entertained by voice or human interaction and entertained with props. Client can decide to offer a choice of Black & White, Color or Sepia photos from the guests. Don’t just add a Photo Booth, add a Photo Booth that inspires your guests to come back again and again! 


Let’s face it, cell phones are a part of our daily lives. Instead of fighting it, we got creative! Introducing U-SNAP IT, the areas only Entertainment Service that utilizes cell phones to bring some WOW to your event. Guests are encouraged to snap a photo and write a quick message. They will then send that message to a dedicated number, where one of our trained technicians will review it before displaying it on TVs or Screens being used for your event. The Guest of Honor will definitely feel the love on their special day with U-SNAP IT!

One DJ is great, but two…now, that can only be better! With the energy and performance by the Dueling Deejays from Washington Talent, you will most certainly ensure the success of your next event. No matter the combination of Deejays provided by Washington Talent, rest assure that all of our Deejays must have years of experience with a long track record of successful clients. Our Deejays are as unique as your next event, so let’s team up!