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Millennium was AMAZING!!!!

Hi Chuck,

I actually was thinking last night that I need to remember to reach out to you to extend a huge thank you!!!

Oh my gosh – Millennium was AMAZING!!!! I posted a review on their Facebook page already and will also do one on wedding wire. I seriously cannot thank you all enough for your solid communication and willingness to work with us. You all are amazing. You and Millennium deserve the utmost compliments and thank you’s I can possibly give.

You seriously helped make mine and Matt’s dream wedding simply a fairy tail come true!  I am not going to lie I was never one to create my dream wedding when I was younger nor in my 20s – but if I did create one, I think ours overreached what I could ever dream up!

The weather was perfect, the venue and food were great our guests and speeches were awesome and Millennium was…..AMAZING!! They seriously kept our party going to where we didn’t want it to end. They are all the nicest of people and I am still receiving compliments about them and am watching my video snaps I received from friends over and over again….I cannot wait to get my wedding video to watch the entire thing!!

So if that is any indication about how the party went – I think it is safe to say it went awesome!!! : )

Thank you so so sooo much again for all of your help on making this work for us – you all have been wonderful to work with and we were certainly honored and lucky to have Millennium play at our wedding – a night we simply will never forget!! I hope we are able to find another reason to book them in future – until then we are encouraging all of our engaged or soon to be engaged friends to book them!! 🙂 We will certainly send them your way!! : )

Thank you again!