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Backdrops, Backgrounds, Layouts & Designs

WTA Photo, the photographic arm of Washington Talent, represents two dozen photo booths, more than a dozen unique styles of photo stations, and several other photo novelties too. We have more backdrops to choose from to list, but clearly, the top sellers are green screen, gold, silver, or blue/black sequence as well as tie-dye and our most popular glitter background. Whatever your choice, we can create custom graphics, backgrounds, and/or overlays to match the theme or concept of your event, often without charge.

Our photo booths can produce 4×6 prints, 2×6 strips (not on “Best Available”), or SUPER JUMBO 6×20 prints. ALL of our booths come with a full set of professional props (enough for up to 250 people) as well as the ability to text and/or email the final photographs in real-time.

Our photo stations can produce 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 6×14, 6×20, 8×10 (magazine covers), 11×17, and even 17×22 posters.

A PHOTO BOOTH is self-service with an attendant.
A PHOTO STATION is full-service, maned by a Professional Photographer taking each photo.