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Boardwalk Photo Booth

Boardwalk Photo Booth aka “Click Pix” is our “old style” 2 seater photo booth. It is NOT meant for large groups, adults in nice clothes or big events.

Comes with: Lead operator/technician, photo booth, 8×8′ background, high speed dye-sub 4×6 printer (2×6 strip optional) with black cardboard frames and professional grade props and signs.

Requires: 6’x10′ space available 90 minutes prior to doors opening, access to power – 10 amps (within 25′), 1 – 6′ covered rectangular table, 1 covered 24″ or 36″ round x 42″ high cocktail tables (6′ for props/printer, cocktail for drinks/purses).

Options: Memory book, Assistant (for larger events), Additional social sharing monitors, Additional props.