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The Washington Talent Agency aka WTA has been a pioneer and trendsetter in the Washington/Baltimore/Mid-Atlantic region for more than 50 years. Since the late 60s, WTA’s bands have played the best parties, most exclusive galas, top weddings and mitzvahs, as well as Presidential Inaugurals, destination weddings, and corporate incentive events across the USA.

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Bands & Live Entertainment

Washington Talent always offers specialty bands from Country Music and the 80s, Reggae to Zydeco. Jazz trios, harpists, classical musicians and rock string quartets have been a WTA staple for generations and should never be overlooked either.

Today’s WTA Bands play the same music you are listening to on the radio everyday and will always learn special songs for your event. Most of our bands also come with an MC and DJ, so if you have that “special” song that must be played from a CD or digital file, no worries. Further, your event may call for 3 or 4 hours of live music and you want to finish the night with a DJ, NO PROBLEM there either.

To see WTA’s full range of live band and musicians, click here: Washington Talent.

DJs & MCs

When the event or the budget can’t call for a live band, make sure you are getting the right DJ and MC to run your party or event. Our talent is simply unmatched in the region. Our inventory of DJs is diverse in style and music and price can’t be beat.

To see WTA’s full range of DJs and MCs, click here: Washington Talent.


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To see WTA’s full range of DJs and MCs, click here: Washington Talent

Dueling DJs

One DJ is great, but two…now, that can only be better!

With the energy and performance by the Dueling DJs from Washington Talent, you will most certainly ensure the success of your next event. No matter the combination of DJs provided by Washington Talent, rest assure that all of our DJs must have years of experience with a long track record of successful clients. Ours are as unique as your next event, so let’s team up!


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