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The visual image of any company is a source of great strength and pride internally and externally. The cover of an annual report, anchor page of a website, coverage of a corporate gala, awards dinner, incentive program, or even an executive or LinkedIn style portrait, are frequently viewed and talked about years after they are created. The choice of the company to create and capture those images should not be determined quickly or thought of lightly.

Internationally recognized with more than 30 years of photographic excellence to their credit, the team at WTA Photo & Video is poised and ready for any Special Event. Excuses are simply not in our vocabulary when it comes to your two-hour award gala dinner down the street or multi-day conference abroad.

We Are Ready At A Moments Notice

See highlight from incredible events captured by WTA Video and the power professional editing can bring to your product, service, incentive program, and special event.


We had the privilege of working David Hartzman...

“We had the privilege of working with DJ Rich, David Hartzman, Katie and Ricardo for our company holiday party and let me just say that without them, this party wouldn’t have been the same! David excelled at his job and not once did I have to look for him to take a photo because he was already there taking it himself. I was very pleased when I received the photos he had taken because he literally captured every part of our event! Our green screen crew, Katie and Ricardo, were a pleasure to work with and full of energy. My guests were able to email, text or print the photos themselves and I’m pretty positive this area was the biggest hit of the night. Lastly, a huge shout out to Jack Hartzman for taking care of our needs and for making it all happen for us! I would say that the Washington Talent Agency is worth every penny we paid because they made everything as seamless as possible.” -Kristina Garcia, Catering by Seasons